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ReLab Software New Product Release – OPC Gateway

ReLab Software New Product Release – OPC Gateway

ReLab Software releases OPC Gateway, this product enables interoperability, bridging, of network computers using OPC technology. The OPC Gateway enables efficient, fast and secure data delivery between networked computers while eliminating the need to address DCOM configuration issues, data throughput limitation due to bandwidth, domain restrictions and firewall obstacles.

The OPC Gateway links computers on the network, simply and easily. The product has two components. The OPC Gateway Producer which collects the OPC data from multiple OPC servers, packages it and the sends it to the OPC Gateway Consumer. Configuration is only required for the OPC Gateway Producer, which simplifies the operation of the OPC Gateway and improves the reliability.

• Simple and Fast OPC Producer Configuration
• Fast and Reliable data connection
• Secure communication through just one open port
• No programming required
• Simple to configure, takes just minutes, with no programming required
• Configurable for both Producer and Consumer Redundancy
• Built with the same reliability of ReLab’s other OPC communications products
• Designed for high levels of performance in mission critical applications
• Deterministic Failure modes
• Automatically reconnects OPC links after aborted communications sessions
• Can run as an application or as a Windows Service

• Enables OPC communication between networks
• Eliminates exposure of computers to unauthorized access from the outside
• Eliminates the headaches and risk associated with DCOM connections
• No lost information
• Reliable – Configure, test, run and forget about it!!!!!
• Reduces system integration time
• Improves interoperability of different network functions such as communication between Substation Protection & Control with the Process Distributed Control System (DCS)

Evaluate the capabilities of ReLab OPC Gateway today by downloading the demonstration version from ReLab’s website, The OPC Gateway is included in the OPC Suite.

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